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Japan whitening that contains powerful ingredients for a glowing, vibrant and radiant skin

Aqua Skin is Quality

Premium Whitening Capsule
Japan whitening that contains powerful ingredients for a glowing, vibrant and radiant skin.
We consider our distributors as our partners. The company fully supports its Distributor Network. By providing an affordable product price this allows more opportunities for our partner distributors who we also want to succeed.
Direct Source
The cost has been driven low because of solid partnership with the Japanese manufacturer who is the direct source of most Japanese pharmaceutical supplies.
High Class Labels
The labels are not sticker type but direct to print on the bottle.
Japan Seal
The bottle is secured with a Japan seal to ensure the quality of the content inside.
Advanced Formulation
Aqua Skin’s breakthrough formula uses a proprietary formulation to make sure maximum absorption.
Premium Ingredients
Aqua Skin glutathione capsules was made from highest form of ingredients. It is a powerful antioxidant that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.
FDA Approved
Aqua Skin has a product registration certificate under FDA which guarantees that our product meets or exceeds national standards where safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance are concerned.
Passed Lab Tests
Our glutathione has undergone laboratory testing to prove it will work and adhere onto your skin. It has also gone through stability testing to ensure it will not lose its effectiveness over the course of time.
Season Special

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