Aqua Skin Korāgen Lipstick

Aqua Skin Korāgen Lipstick


First ever Collagen-infused creamy matte lipstick leaving the lips soft, smooth, and vibrant. 

 Unique Features 

  • Leaves a tint on the lips 
  • First ever Collagen infused lipstick 

Ingredients 材料 

  • Collagen 
  • Grapeseed oil 
  • Sunflower oil 
  • Rosehip oil 

 Benefits 利点  

  • Helps hydrate and moisturize the lips 
  • Promotes supple and soft lips 
  • Helps condition the lips 
  • Promotes firm and plump lips 
  • Prevents dry and choppy lips 
  • Provides a matte yet creamy texture 
  • Provides vibrant color payoff


What makes Aqua Skin different?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every beauty fanatic knows that blotting plays a massive role in making your lipstick long-lasting. So, how to apply lipstick perfectly for a long-lasting effect? Blot and repeat. After applying the first layer of your matte lipstick, use a blotting sheet or tissue paper and press your lips against it.






After hours of testing, and what appeared to be an endless number of swipes, the research team had their answer. Drumroll, please! The average tube of lipstick provides 293 swipes. Now, if you applied lipstick three times a day, every day of the week, a single tube of lipstick will last you about three months.






Do lipsticks protect against lip sun damage? A. Lipsticks provide excellent photoprotection if they are completely opaque.






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